homes to reimagine energy

Helping households reduce their energy impact, while saving money

Through secure back-end comparison and data services, we find the fairest essential services in the most transparent and cost effective way.

Who we work with

From large membership organisations to small community focused Energy Retailers, Accurassi provide digital solutions that empower homes throughout Australia.


Do you have a large member base of customers?

Add further value to your customer experience with the Accurassi Marketplace; enabling your customers to find the best essential services for their household.

Are you a forward-thinking Energy retailer?

The Accurassi Marketplace provides energy retailers with low cost and compliant acquisition channels, with access to thousands of new customers within our partner communities.

Our solutions

Our proprietary AI data microservices enable large enterprises to step past their legacy problems with data and technology to create seamless digital customer experiences.

Acquisition Essentials

Transparent & fair comparisons service

Help your customers understand and buy the services that best suit them and their families.

Used by retailers, governments and comparison aggregators, representing 90% of the Australian energy market to deliver an apples for apples comparison of Electricity and Gas plans.

Digital Marketplace

Add new value to your customer solutions

Create new value for your customers by automatically checking their household bills for better options.


Our Digital Marketplace checks, compares and switches your customers to the best essential products and services for their households needs in one seamless customer experience.

Data Studio

Meaningful insights from accurate customer data

Access a completely new and detailed picture of your category and the real behaviour of customers.


Our unique database is built from hundreds of thousands of depersonalised household bills. This primary and constantly updating data set shines new light on old assumptions.

Bespoke Workflows

Data extraction + processing for your business 

A tailored solution to any tricky business problem that only accurate data extraction and processing can solve.

We provide both back-end and customer-facing workflows creating solutions that surpasses historical business challenges of incomplete or unreliable customer data.


Accurassi in action

Watch how 86 400 customers' experience the Accurassi Marketplace within the innovative Neo banks mobile application.

Or try it for yourself by downloading their free mobile app:

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