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Submission: Energy Rules Framework Consultation Paper

Accurassi is a fintech operating in the energy space and an early innovator for digitised energy comparisons and switching. As such, we have recognised experience and practical knowledge to put forward answers but also challenge some areas of the proposed framework.

Whilst we are a small technology company, we work with state governments and a growing number of financial institutions, so are at the cutting edge with regards to being ready to test the proposed framework around open energy. However, we feel that there are some oversights and restrictions which could severely harm the adoption of the Open Energy framework.

Download the full CDR - Energy Rules Consultation Framework to understand what is being proposed.

CDR - Energy rules framework consultatio
Download • 1.40MB

Ultimately we feel that the proposed Open Energy Framework is addressing a problem that exists today but is not planning for tomorrow’s grid and consumer needs around energy.

Because of this we have only addressed a few questions but have attempted to raise issues against a narrative which describes the issues for tomorrow’s grid.

Our response is in two sections – firstly, we will introduce who we are and then provide our observations about the future of the energy transition to a distributed energy system. We use this narrative to highlight some gaps in the proposed framework.

Download our submission to the Energy Rules Consultation framework to better understand why we believe it is not planning for tomorrow's grid and consumer needs.

Submitted: Monday 17 August, 2020

Energy Rules Framework Consultation Pape
Download • 2.92MB

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