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Dear Consumer

Dear Consumer,

For too long a time, the way you’ve found and bought essential services like energy, insurance and telco has been outdated, clunky and expensive. You haven’t necessarily had a great deal, brokering partners have grossly benefited and if you didn’t switch regularly, you’d likely been slugged by these brands with a loyalty tax. To them you were just a faceless account code that could be milked continuously for profit.

Given today’s technology and availability of data, we believe there is a better way, not in the future, but now. Because now, it is possible – the pendulum of power is swinging back to the you, the consumer who can now give the finger to those shonky exponents.

Rather than wait for the new Consumer Data Rights legislation to worm it’s way through, we are putting you (the consumer) in charge today! We will shine a light on businesses that have ripped you off and will show you how much you have saved by moving from that business. In doing this, we will not charge commissions and will protect your data with upmost respect.

Forward thinking brands are now wanting to build lasting relationships with their customers, this means using your data (and other data sources) in a new yet, trusted manner. We are working on helping them connect to you through banks and membership organisations, who also have the same desire to better serve you!

Banks will be wanting to create continuous new value for you (their valued customer) by automatically checking your essential services, comparing them to find you the best option and switching you all in one seamless experience and possibly, without you even having to lift a finger.

We offer a discreet and secure back-end comparison and data service that finds you the best fit for your household and the services you require in the most transparent, cost effective and fair way. We also surface helpful hints and insights, so you really do feel better served - all of this as a new service provided by brands we all know and might soon, love.

Just imagine a brand that covered your back in this way. No longer would you have to question whether you were being ripped off by an unnecessary price rise, whether you had to question the amount of time you would spend on hold trying to fight for a better rate or the time spent simply switching your service and retaining all the features you once had. Because now, your bank can do this.

It doesn’t just benefit you, the consumer, but your essential services brand benefits from high-quality customers without excessive commissions; profiting from day one, the added value is automatic and a seamless friction-less experience.

Consumers expect more from their essential services brands and now, you can be in charge. It’s time to question the status quo and get more value from the brands who want to serve you.


Ross Sharman Co-Founder Accurassi

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