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With our lightning fast micro-services, Origin Energy are able to surface savings to their current and potential customers in seconds via their comparison tool, 'Savernator'.

A comparison tool, Origin Savernator enables new and existing customers to find the best energy deal for their household. Customers can simply upload and compare their bill to see if there's a cheaper deal available.

Jon Briskin talks Origin Savernator

Savernator's main aim is to help Australian families save money on their energy bills. 

It can be really confusing to understand what your energy bill is. 

Jon Briskin

Executive General Manager

Retail, Origin Energy

Customer Feedback


I was able to save $83.76 with the Savernator. Savernator is fantastic. I was completely surprised I could save that much money. Once you spread out over the year, that saving really adds up


Craig, Melbourne resident

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Our micro-services have powered many advanced data-driven customer experiences for large membership organisation with great success for both the organisation and their customers. 

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Origin Savernator

Powered by Accurassi, Origin 'Savernator' is a comparison tool for new and existing customers.