Help your customers better manage their home energy

Meet your customers lifestyle goals while uncovering the best household energy plans for their needs

Increase engagement

Plug in and play

Improve loyalty

An online marketplace solution for large member-based organisations to help their customers better manage their home energy.

Through independent comparisons of all available energy plans, customers are provided with the details of their current plan and how it compares to all others; uncovering the best plan for their household in a completely fair, accurate and easy-to-use format.

Independent Comparisons

A completely independent comparison tool, not based on cheeky commissions, which finds your customers the best energy provider for their household needs.

Seamless Switching

Our technology enables your customers the ability to compare and switch to a new provider in one seamless experience without turning the lights off at home.

Panel + Product Selection

Choose the best providers and products to suit your customer's, brand values and goals.

How it works

Our automated digital marketplace transforms the way consumers choose every day household services. By simply uploading a recent energy bill, our technology compares and presents the best energy plans for the consumers household behaviour.

Powered by Accurassi

Watch how 86 400 customers' experience the Accurassi Marketplace within the innovative Neo banks mobile application.

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Do you have a large member base of customers?

Add further value to your customer experience with the Accurassi Marketplace; enabling your customers to find the best essential services for their household.

Are you a forward-thinking Energy retailer?

The Accurassi Marketplace provides energy retailers with low cost and compliant acquisition channels, with access to thousands of new customers within our partner communities.

Are you interested in the Accurassi Marketplace?

Whether you're a partner with a large member-base or a forward-thinking energy retailer looking for a new acquisition channel - the Accurassi Marketplace could be the perfect fit for you.

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