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Energy Marketplace

A seamless digital marketplace of energy plans enabling your customers to independently compare & switch plans.

Increased Customer Engagement

 Delivered in your Branded Tool

Improved Customer Loyalty

For a long time the way consumers find and buy essential services has needed a shake up. Aggregators are overpriced, lack transparency and subject customers to relentless commission based selling - this is damaging for everyone.


We offer a new way.


An end to end service for banks and other large membership organisations which is transparent, cost efficient and fair.


Brands can create new customer value with the automated bill checking, comparison and switching service for essential products and services.

The Digital Marketplace creates a win for all parties.


Consumers gain the confidence of knowing that your brand has their back and that you are constantly checking to make sure they are always on the best plans so they are free to get on with their own lives. Added to this they no longer have to accept the current model of aggregators providing a commission-led service and a high pressure sales cycle.


Retailers can acquire high quality customers without having to factor large commissions into the product price enabling profits from day one. Fully automated fulfilment is possible via API and first refusal rights improve retention rates.


Host companies and membership organisations can plug in to provide their customers with trusted and competitive comparison offers from a panel of providers, deepening ongoing engagement with their customers.


​Interactive reporting keeps everybody informed, and able to make the most of the marketplace environment.

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