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By increasing the demand for renewably 

sourced energy, EnergyIQ helps Aussie’s fight the global climate crisis

Fair & independent: EnergyIQ
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Fair and independent

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How it works

EnergyIQ empowers Australians to switch to an energy plan that will reduce their household impact and fight climate change, all in a matter of minutes.

EnergyIQ Feature

Upload recent bill

EnergyIQ will scan household energy bills to better understand demand and usage to present only the most appropriate plans.

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Filter providers

Instead of choosing a plan or brand from face-value only, EnergyIQ finds plans that best suit your lifestyle and sustainability values.

EnergyIQ Feature

Switch energy plan

After choosing the best plan, EnergyIQ will seamlessly switch individuals over to their new plan in one hassle-free experience.

EnergyIQ is an independent online marketplace created for Australian’s who want to reduce their household impact and proactively influence a low-emissions future, powered by clean renewable energy.

EnergyIQ offers electricity plans from future-focussed energy retail brands who are proactively working towards 100% renewable energy being supplied to and generated from Australian homes.

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EnergyIQ: Reasons to switch
EnergyIQ_ Reasons to switch
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EnergyIQ Feedback

Climate action from my couch

Not only was it easy, but switching to a plan that actually matches my sustainability values all while reducing my homes impact is invaluable.

Nicole, 32 NSW


Our energy partners

EnergyIQ partners with energy providers who proactively invest in renewable generation.


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Accurassi provide digital solutions to member-based organisations and energy retailers that empower Australian's to reimagine their household energy.


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