How many of the issues your company experiences stem from a limited understanding of your current or future customers?

Gaps in data, legacy IT systems, and blocked pipelines are widespread problems for businesses in the new world of data-driven customer experiences. 

Bespoke Workflows

Apply our specialist services to solve the challenges your business is facing. 

Create New Customer Value

Our bespoke workflows power your own customer facing solutions, reducing friction in the customer experience and adding new customer value to the services you currently deliver.

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Key Skills

Our advanced expertise in data and technology allow us to cater our services to your business and customer challenges to create the best solution. 

Data Extraction Specialist, Accurassi

Data Extraction

With our advanced Object Character Recognition (OCR) technology, we're able to extract the most valuable insights from data rich items like household bills.

Data Processing Specialist, Accurassi

Data Processing

It's only just started when we've extracted valuable data. Data processing enables more meaningful insights and better connected customer experiences. 

Data Specialist, Accurassi

Data Management

We don't store any personal identity information (PII) and we maintain best practice measures to exceed client and regulatory responsibilities. 


Consumers aren’t buying products anymore - they’re buying connected experiences.


Ross Sharman

Accurassi Co-Founder

Our Process

We start with the customer.


Rather than starting with the company and working out to a customer, we start with the customer and work back to the company.


This gives us a personal and up to date view of each customer and what they need right now. It is the starting point for digital workflows that are impossible when you have incomplete data sets and are constrained to algorithmic guessing games.

Better connect with your customers and drive new value from data-driven customer experience.

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