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Acquisition Essentials is an apples for apples comparison service which unscrambles the challenge of how your customers buy and subscribe to everyday services like energy, insurance and telco plans.


The average we found and presented in savings every day last year.


In ‘dumb money’ saved by putting customers on the best plan.


The percentage of customers who returned within a year.


The amount of money taken in commissions or hidden payments.

Acquisition Essentials

Transparent apples for apples comparison service unscrambling how your customers adopt services.

Acquisition Essentials is a plug in an play solution that can simply be added to your customer facing solution driving retention and acquisition.

Essential Services Bill Read

Our advanced Object Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts crucial data from digital document.

Accurately Extracted

API reads and processes data on bill/document.

Personalised Comparison

Compare against the whole market, match service to customer profile and provide instantly quantified savings and benefits.

Digital Fulfilment

Customer details passed through to CRM system.

Advanced Analytics

Analyse customer decision making behaviour.

How It Works

Case Study

Savings in Seconds with Origin Energy

With our lightning fast Acquisition Essentials, Origin Energy are able to surface savings to their current and potential customers in seconds via their comparison tool, 'Savernator'.

Secure & Compliant

Security, compliance and privacy of data is paramount.

To ensure that your business is always compliant, Accurassi continually updates our services with new bill formats, tariffs and regulatory changes.

Even though we don’t store any personal identity information (PII), we implement best practice measures to meet and exceed our client, regulatory and social responsibilities.


We take the 'Defence in Depth' approach, with controls in place at the network, operating systems, services, application and data stores.


We combine strong access and authentication controls, secure coding practices and standards-based encryption.


We use AWS for data storage hosted in local environments.

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