Increase Customer Conversions


Low Cost of Acquisition

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Fully Compliant Journey

Say goodbye to energy estimations.

From within an energy retailers website or app, new and existing customers can simply upload a recent energy bill to view transparent and accurate pricing.

Customers are now enabled to make an informed choice on which products and plans are most suitable based upon their specific circumstances rather than estimations. 


Acquisition Essentials

Making energy acquisition and retention look easy

Who Benefits?

Acquisition Essentials benefits both Energy Retailers and Australian energy customers alike. 




Acquire quality customers from a new, innovative and trusted acquisition method with minimal overheads from this low cost digital function.

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Australian energy customers are provided a transparent and accurate picture of their potential savings when comparing a recent energy bill.

How It Works

Acquisition Essentials is a plug-and-play API solution that can simply be added to a website or as part of a dedicated sign up process improving retention and increasing acquisition.

Customer bill is uploaded & read 

Our advanced Object Character Recognition (OCR) technology extracts crucial data from digital document following a bill upload.


Important data is accurately extracted

Acquisition Essentials API reads and processes the key data items from the household energy bill to prepare for comparison.


Potential savings presented to customer

The customer is presented with a transparent and accurate picture of potential savings if they switched energy retailers.


Powered By Accurassi

Through Acquisition Essentials, our clients provide their customers with an independent quoting or price checking service for new and existing customers.

Quick digital energy quotes

Customers can enter a postcode or upload a recent bill to get a transparent and accurate quote.


See how subscription energy compares

To help educate their customers on how a subscription plan might differ from a traditional energy plan, Amaysim provide their customers with an independent comparison service.

Finding even more customers savings

With savings of over $2,000 for a single Kogan customer, Kogan have further diversified their customer sign up process.

Kogan Energy

Up To Date, Secure & Compliant

Security, compliance and privacy of data is paramount.

To ensure that your business is always compliant, Accurassi continually updates our services with new bill formats, tariffs and regulatory changes.


No Stored PII

We don’t store any personal identity information (PII) but we still implement best practice measures to meet & exceed our client, regulatory and social responsibilities.

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Local Data Storage

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data storage, with our primary and secondary environments hosted locally in Australia.

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Defence in Depth

We take a 'Defence in Depth'  approach with controls in place at    the network level and within our operating systems, services, application, and data stores.


Access Controls

We combine strong access and authentication controls, secure coding practices, and standards-based encryption.

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