About us

Learn more about the people behind Accurassi & why we do what we do.

How we work

Pure in purpose

We’re passionate about clean energy, clean and fair product choices and long-term sustainability of our environment. Enabling innovation in these areas keeps us motivated and continues to force us to solve problems in different ways.


Delivering with precision and accuracy underpins our professional existence to achieve high quality outcomes for our partners and their customers. With this quality, our customers trust us to enable their paths to the consumer in brave and innovative ways.


We like to be the magic that makes our customers look good. We strive to surprise, delight and go above and beyond expectations

These values fuel our desire to achieve differentiation in our products and services, easing the consumer journey toward reaching their financial and sustainability goals.  We are quiet achievers with an approach that is authentic, transparent and humble.* 

*Except for when it comes to lawn bowls. 

Meet the team

As a company, our goal is to hire only the best talent. Our team is made up of experts across sustainability, data, technology, human behaviour, finance, service, and marketplaces.


Founder & CEO

Ross Sharman

Chief Technology Officer

Ciaran McCormack

Strategic Advisor

Nicole Cook


Chairman of the Board

John Lloyd


Head of Client Services

Darragh McDonnell


Raw Ideas

Leon Wilson


GM Growth & Partnerships

Duncan Hickman

Head of Product

Jazz Rowland



Gulumser Murat-Ajai

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